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The Dragon's Claw Guild by Leslie666
The Dragon's Claw Guild
The Dragon's Claw Guild, these four women are tasked to venture through the vast world of dangers, eliminating killer creatures, clearing the world of wickedness and evil, tyranny. Explore places that many say does not exist, looking for artifacts or means that can help mankind fight the forces of darkness that surround their daily lives, to help people who need someone with strength to protect them.

From left to right they are Hekxaz the Black Wolf, Fahryr the White Wolf, Zuhsan the Barbarian and Phyrah the Witch.

I'm working on a story with several chapters involving these four young women, where they will face lots and lots of powerful enemies, monsters and natural perils.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The guild is complete, now I will be able to continue my story, many things will happen, sad events others happy.
You might be asking "But Leslie, Hekxaz does not have this visual!". Like I said, things will happen on this story, there will be a sad moment with Hekxaz in which it will change, I will not give much information because it will give spoilers u.u

Heartfelt thanks to 
:iconsekikumo: by answering various questions that were needed to start my journey.

Hekxaz, Fahryr, Zuhsan and Phyrah are my OC's
Sapphoria and Ravenfall belongs to :iconsekikumo:
Character Profile - Hekxaz
Name:            Hekxaz

Race:              Human

Gender:          Female

Age:               23

Eye-color:       Brown / Red

Hair-color:      Dark-brown

Size:              170cm

Affiliation:       None

Born in a village in the forest, Hekxaz is a different human of others around you. With an incomparable sight, when he was born, life presented him with a skill, his left eye is able to see spirits, creatures invisible, auras among many others.
Hekxaz became orphaned at age seven, in an attack of barbarian warriors in which his mother was killed, the attack survivors rescued her from the massacre, taking it to the city of Blackrock.

Leaving his sad childhood in the past, she embraced the adventurous life becoming known as Black Wolf, his clothes are dark, a black blouse that only covers his right arm, leaving her stomach and exposed left arm, gloves and a dark brown pants with black leather boots to protect your legs to the knee, an burgundy cloth covering her neck to half of his face like a mask, making it a mysterious person.

Over the years, she created a pair of pistols, which carries with all the time, his favorite weapon, despite being highly skilled with any firearm and melee weapons as bows, crossbows, rifles and knives. One of his greatest achievements was hit a shot in a gorgon in the head at two hundred forty-six meters away with his pistol, since then being hired by people to kill hostile creatures and murderers with its highly fatal sight, a mercenary so to speak.

Despite his clothes expose little of her body, she's a very attractive young woman, a toned body, beautiful legs, considerable breasts, a short dark brown hair falling almost to his shoulders, gloves covering her beautiful hands. When she have a opportunity, in their missions along with other young women, she takes the opportunity to "play" around with them, leaving his female part do the job. Many of the women who worked with Hekxaz, confirmed to be an excellent bedfellow, causing their mysterious appearance to become coveted by many women of the tavern she attends.

Leaving the city of Blackrock, located a few kilometers where it was your village where he was born, now addressing for the city of Ravenfall looking for new adventures, employment or eventually become a member in a fixed group, looking for someone to talk to beyond the stuffed heads on the wall of his old room. Someone who will join her in dangerous places where no one else would think of going to venture, lair of gorgons, temples full of basilisk or forests inhabited by dark creatures.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My first Original Character, Hekxaz, what dangers await in the Ravenfall? She finds someone to venture, a group? She will be accepted by the townspeople?

Check out the first chapter of the story of this character in the wide world of Sapphoria.

Arrival to Ravenfall:  Not available.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sapphoria and Ravenfall is Original Place of :iconsekikumo: .

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